The mild climate of Garda Lake favors the vegetation, so the products are always plentiful, rich in flavor and genuine.

All year long, there are on our tables such fragrances, flavors and unique products that take their peculiarities, traditions and origins from three different regions on which our lake overlooks. In this way our lands can offer you a tasty holiday, choosing different food and wine tours that are more suited for your palate!


The extra virgin olive oil, known for its lightness and delicacy, is the most typical and characteristic product of Garda Lake.

It marries both with lake fish cuisine, meat and polenta of the country tradition. You can not miss a visit to an oil mill in Valtenesi and a tasting of Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP.


The esteemed wines of Garda regions are a great combination for any kind of dish. The area between the southern shores of Garda lake and the moraine hills, is the land of Lugana Doc, a still white wine, of high level, considered one of Garda excellence.

In the area between Padenghe and Salò, Valtenesi Doc, Garda Classico and Groppello stand out, in their different version white, claret and red. A tour around wine cellars may make you appreciate the fragrance of grape must.

Un tour per le cantine del Garda vi potrà far apprezzare il profumo di mosto.


Garda lake, especially its west side from Limone to Salò, offers to its visitors remarkable examples of architectural structures, the famous gardens of lemons, that are nowhere to be found and date back to the XIII century.